Egg Facial

Egg white is a great way to make your sin look taut, fresh and glowing. It is extremely simple to do and you’ll definitely be definitely feeling absolutely amazing after an egg white facial. This facial is great for the night so you can have absolutely beautiful skin the next day and feel and see the effects it has on your skin.

1. Steam
Heat a bowl of water and add a few drops of essential oils such as tea tree and lavender for added relaxation and effect. Put your face over the bowl and cover with a towel, the steam from the heat of the water should rise up and open your pores, relax you and get you ready for the masks in order for maximum benefit.

2. Egg White
Split the egg in half, keeping both yolk and white. Beat the egg white until it is frothy and apply to your face avoiding the delicate eye area. Leave it on for around 15-20 minutes so it can harden. Remove the egg white over a skin, you can just break the egg white with your fingers and lightly scrub in circular motions to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate your skin.

If you have dry skin; add olive oil to heal, moisturise and make your skin supple. If you have oily skin; add lemon to soak up excess moisture in your skin.

3. Egg Yolk
In order not to waste the egg, the yolk can also make a great follow up as it is full of vitamin A, and as a result it will restore your skins health. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water; follow up with cold water to close the pores.

4. Moisturise
After facials, your skin needs to be moisturised, use a thick cream so your skin can heal and restore itself and in order to let the effects of the facial do their job. Make sure you massage the cream into your skin in circular upwards motions. You can also use a few drops of olive oil; this will not clog your pores at all, but will soften it, it has been used for eras!

An egg white facial opens pores and cleans out dirt while also tightening the skin and reducing spots. It will also help get rid of scars and cellulite. The facial will also leave you looking awake and extremely fresh. It will definitely improve one’s skin even on the first usage, but over time you will see that your skin will look absolutely great.