Essential Oils That Are Good for Oily Hair

Oily hair can be caused by an overproduction of oil through the sebaceous glands–the glands that are responsible for producing oil for the scalp. Excessive use of hair products and genetics can also cause oily hair, which can look greasy and flat. Essential oils are non-greasy and light, making for easy absorption into hair where they can regulate oil glands. They are also fragrant and can be prepared in large portions for future use, making them pleasant and convenient to use at home.

Rose Geranium and Orange

Rose geranium and orange oils both help to regulate the scalp’s production of sebum, the waxy and oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands. Eight drops of either of these oils can be added to shampoo in order to reduce oily hair after cleansing. They can also be used to make a hot oil treatment. To do this, pour rose geranium and orange oils alone or together into a plastic bag or container. The bag or container should then be placed into a pan of hot water to heat the oil. Hair can be coated with the warm oil after shampooing, and then rinsed away after ten minutes.

Lavender and Lemon

Lavender and lemon essential oils can clarify and dry hair just enough to balance out oil production. They work best when combined with hazelnut oil, a cooking oil that helps the essential oils soak into the hair and scalp. To create a scalp massage formula, add two tbsp. of hazelnut oil and eight drops each of lavender and lemon oils into a bottle. This mixture can be worked into hair one tsp. at a time. Cover the hair with a shower cap or towel, allowing the oils to seep into the hair for several hours, or even overnight. The oils can be rinsed away in the morning with a gentle shampoo.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is a lightly scented essential oil that is effective for oily hair and dandruff. It is an astringent, which means that it reduces oily discharge of the scalp and regulates the production of sebum. Eight drops of tea tree oil can be added to a regular shampoo, and then rinsed away. Eight drops can also be combined with three oz. of water and put into a spray bottle. The water and tea tree oil can be spritzed onto the hair throughout the day to prevent oil production and improve the appearance of flat, oily hair.

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