Exercise Routines for Teens

Physical activity is necessary to maintain fitness and health. As a teenager, you’re concerned about your body image and you want to look as good as you possibly can. Begin with simple workouts at school, at home or at the local community center. If you like to dance, you can participate in aerobic dance classes.

Resistance Band Workouts

Winter or summer, indoors or outdoors, you can benefit from a resistance band workout. This kind of exercise is one where you work against the force of resistance bands to increase your muscle strength and gain in fitness. You can choose a resistance band geared to your level of fitness. As you gain strength and fitness, you can begin to use bands with a higher resistance level, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

You’ll benefit from workouts with resistance bands in more than one way. As your level of fitness goes up, you’ll begin to see your body changing. If you’re a girl, you’ll develop long, lean muscles and if you’re a guy, your muscles will become bulkier.

Weight Training

Since you’re a teen, you can begin to lift light weights. When you were younger, this kind of exercise wouldn’t have been appropriate for you, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. As you work out with weights, you strengthen your bones and muscles. Building bone density at your age is important, especially for teen females.

Hip Hop Dancing/Aerobics

You and your friends can have fun with aerobic dance in a hip-hop dance class. If your school offers dance aerobics in the P.E. department, you can benefit, depending on how many days a week the dance class is offered. If your community has a youth center, check out the activity and class offerings. One of the classes might be a dance class offered and taught by a local dance instructor.

You may need to pay a small class fee and buy special dance shoes. If you’re committed to increasing and maintaining your physical fitness, you can have fun while learning a fun dance style.

Organized Sports

Join a local soccer league. An organized sport gives you the chance to get exercise with your teammates as you learn new skills and compete in matches and, potentially, championship games. Participating in an organized sport also gives you plenty of chances to meet and interact with other teens your age as you pursue an activity you enjoy. You’ll also benefit from warm-up, stretching and cooling down exercises along with soccer drills and aerobic activity.

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