Exercises for Growing Taller After Puberty

You can, in fact, continue to grow after puberty has come and gone. Posture is the most important factor in reaching a few more inches after puberty.

Bow to Yourself

This is the simplest exercise for growing. Be seated in a chair. Sit up straight as possible. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Without bending your back, lower your chin to your chest. Take three deep breaths. Raise your chin back to normal. This is one repetition. Do about four to six reps twice a day. This exercise stretches the muscles in your upper back and helps stretch the upper portion of the spine.


Find a bar similar to a pull-up bar. Grasp the bar with an outward grip (palms facing out). Be sure the bar is high enough so that you can hang with your body straight. Do not bend your knees. Hanging decompresses the disk in your spinal cord. Hang as long as you can. If you find it difficult to hang there for long periods of time, start with ten seconds and increase each day by a second or two. Do this four times per attempt, and try to do this twice a day for best results.

Stretching the Knees

Place ten to 15 pound ankle weights on both ankles. Allow your feet to hang while sitting in a chair or couch. Be sure that your feet are hanging straight down and not touching the floor. This stretches out the ligaments in the knee and allows for repair and growth.

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