Exercises for Stubborn Belly Fat

Building abdominal muscles will give you something to show for your hard work. But Tom Venuto, champion body builder and author of “The Body Fat Solution,” says no focused exercise can “spot reduce” any body part. According to Wayne Mcgregor, a British fitness coach, nutritionist and health writer, ab exercises are good–but too gentle to burn away your stubborn fat and calories. Combine abdominal muscle exercises with whole-body workouts to subtract belly fat.

Abdominal Exercises

Mayo clinic specialists list three abdominal exercises: the pelvic lift, pelvic tilt, and abdominal hollowing. The first uses ab strength to press the small of your back against the floor. The second strengthens abs by thrusting knees upward from your hips while supine. In abdominal hollowing, kneeling on all fours, the belly button is pulled up toward the spine while exhaling strongly. Ten to 20 repetitions of each exercise amount to a great ab workout.

Total Body Training

Total body training is required, according to American Heart Association researchers, to eliminate stubborn belly fat and the risk it represents for heart disease. Thirty to 60 minutes a day of aerobic exercise–strenuous enough to use up the sugars circulating in your blood–are needed to begin converting your fat into the sugar your muscles can then burn up.

Resistance Training

Weight lifting, elastic pulleys, door gyms, and isometrics build muscles–your body’s most powerful fat burners. Even at rest, muscles use more energy than fat, and more muscles can make you feel like being more active. Even though abdominal muscle exercises can build your 6-pack, every other muscle you build will help too.

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