Exercises for the Bowflex Ultimate

The Bowflex Ultimate home gym comes with 310 pounds of resistance from power rods, and can be increased to 410 pounds with an additional pair of 50-pound power rods. Each power rod is marked with its weight rating on top of the rod cap. The Bowflex Ultimate has four different bench positions as well as a free sliding position for exercises such as rowing, and the long portion of the bench easily attaches to and releases from the seat portion. The adjustable pulley system allows muscles to be trained from different angles, by changing the width of the pulley angle.

Seated Hip Abduction

The seated hip abduction primarily trains the outer hips and can be performed by attaching the ankle cuff grip to the lower pulleys and positioning the bench in the horizontal position. Sitting sideways on the bench, close to the seat, with both of your legs on one side of the bench, attach the ankle cuff grip around your ankle furthest from the vertical main frame and extend the attached leg out close to the vertical main frame. Breathing out, slowly pull the attached leg past the center of your body. Breathing in, slowly allow the leg to stretch back to the starting position.

Decline Chest Fly

The decline chest fly works the chest and shoulder muscles and can be performed by attaching the hand cuff grips to the pulleys of the center cross bar, in the wide position and placing the bench in the incline position. Laying on the seat and bench, facing away from the vertical main frame, grab the hand cuff grips. Breathing out, pull the hand cuff grips slowly in an arcing motion until the hand cuff grips touch each other in the center of your body, above your abdomen. Breathing in, slowly bring the hand cuff grips back to the starting position in the same arcing motion.

Lying Pullover

The lying pullover primarily trains the upper back muscles and can be performed by placing the bench flat and attaching the lower pulleys in the narrow position with the hand cuff grips. With your head toward the power rods, lie facing up and position yourself far enough down the bench to allow the arms to extend overhead without hitting the power rods and keep your knees bent and your feet on the floor. Reaching overhead, grab the hand cuff grips with your palms facing up and breathe out as you push the hand cuff grips in an arc upward and then in an arc down toward your legs. Breathing in and allow the hand cuff grips to return back in the same arcing motion.

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