Facial Exercises for Tightening the Neck

Exercising the face and neck are as essential as exercising any other muscle in the body. These exercises keep muscles of the face and neck toned and fresh, creating a more youthful appearance. A variety of face exercises also help firm and tone neck muscles, and can be performed daily for optimal benefits. Facial exercises can be done in the privacy of your own home, or in the bathroom at work, while you’re doing the dishes or watching television. Any person who learns a few basic exercises can later adapt them to her own needs, or to work different muscles throughout the face, lower jaw and chin and neck area.

Chin, Jaw and Neck Combined Exercise

Stand or sit in a chair, or in your bathroom. Lift your lower lip over your upper lip and pretend you’re pouting, suggests Tom Hagerty of Shape Your Face. Hold that position for a few seconds. Now, lower the jaw, keeping the lower lip lifted upward while keeping the face still. Relax. Repeat the exercise about 10 times, several times a day if you wish.

Neck Stretch

Sit in a chair, back straight. Gently lean the head backward until you find yourself looking up at the ceiling, suggests Fitness Health Zone. Keep the lips closed but in a relaxed position. Then pretend you’re going to kiss the ceiling, making the lips purse together and extending toward the ceiling. Pause for a count of two, then relax. You’ll feel this exercise all through the underside of the jaw and front of the neck. Repeat this exercise about 10 times, up to several times a day.

Over-the-Shoulder Looks

Stand with your back straight. Let your arms hang loosely by your sides, shoulders pressed downward, but relaxed, suggests Chinese Holistic Healing. Bring the lower lip over the upper lip and hold. Inhale and then slowly turn the head until you’re looking over your left shoulder. Go as far as you can but don’t push it. Hold for several seconds and then face forward again, slowly inhaling. Exhale. Inhale again and turn your head to the right. Try 10 to 15 looks over each shoulder, performing the exercise one or two times a day. You’ll really feel this exercise along the sides of the neck, with a slight pull underneath the chin near the jaw joint.

Chewing Exercise

Stand or sit comfortably. Turn to the right as far as you can and pretend you’re chewing gum. Perform the chewing motions about 20 times, suggests Ageless. Repeat on the other side. You can also do this exercise while tilting the head back so that you’re looking at the ceiling. This exercise works all muscles of the jaw, the chin and the sides and front of the neck.

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