Fat Burning Exercises in the Gym

There are two ways to burn fat: elevate the heart rate above your resting heart rate or build lean muscle mass through sports activity or resistance training. For example, jogging for 20 minutes will bring your heart rate above your resting heart rate. Lifting weights for the same amount of time will build muscles that will have larger energy needs. To determine your resting heart rate, take your pulse first thing in the morning before you get out of bed.

Use Stairclimbers, Treadmills, Bikes

Use the cardio machines, including stair climbers, rowing machines, bikes and treadmills. In each case, take at least five minutes to warm up at the start before gradually increasing intensity in speed or difficulty (such as incline on a treadmill). Take another five minutes to cool down at the end of your workout to prevent injury.
Many cardio machines will have a heart rate chart that will show you what the fat-burning heart range is based on age. You can also select “fat burner” modes on stair climbers and treadmills.

Lift Weights Twice a Week

All resistance training is fat-burning in that lifting weights consistently every week for at least two sessions will build lean muscle mass. Divide your workouts into upper and lower body sessions so that you exercise the chest, back and arms on one day and legs and abs on the next.
For example, do push-ups, dumbbell flys, bicep curls, lat pull-downs and seated rows for the upper body on Monday and Wednesday and different exercises for legs and abs on the other days: lunges, leg press, leg extensions and hamstring curls.

Circuit Training Burns Fat

Do circuit training for to get your heart rate elevated to fat-burning levels. Do this by doing four to six different types of exercises for the upper or lower body without prolonged rest between each exercise.
For example, skip rope for five minutes and move onto walking lunges for three sets, then leg press for two sets, leg extensions for two sets, hamstring curls for two sets, and leg adductors and abductor exercises for two sets each. This is a very efficient way to build lean muscle tissue and burn fat.

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