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Clean shiny hair always enhances our appearance whether we’re blessed with thick full volume hair or blessed with fine baby hair. Both types can be our best feature. Fine hair is beautiful but more difficult to maintain because of breakage. Whether you prefer long hair or short hair the secret to beautiful fine hair is clean healthy hair with layers to add volume and movement.

Long hairstyles generally are not recommended for fine hair because thin hair has smaller follicles and hair is weighed down at the ends, but this is a matter of choice. If you must have long hair, wavy curls along with light layers framing the face will add volume for a fuller richer look. Straight hair requires strategic layering to give hair the added lift and fullness.

Medium shoulder length or short hair cuts work very well for fine hair. Within these lengths you can find a dozen or more styles to suit your fancy. If you’re socially active, you’ll probably want to consider a chic natural looking style that can be glamorized for evening events like parties or dinner dates. Working moms with kids and a hectic lifestyle might prefer an easy care style.

Bobs, blunt cuts and longer wedge cuts are among the popular cuts for short to medium length hair. Hair cut on an angle can make a difference in accentuating your features. Consider is the hair cut that will enhance your best feature or diminish a less desirable feature. Like magicians, haircuts make use of effects and illusion. For example, full bangs are in again and they add a look of fullness, but round or wide faces will appear more full. Thin or oval faces can wear bangs and benefit from the style.

Don’t despair if your face is round and you like and want bangs. Fringe bangs may not be for you but side bangs, wispy or textured may work for you as you choose a basic style of swept back layers along the sides of your face to decrease fullness. If you don’t like to show off your ears, choose other styles that hug the face to give an illusion of a thinner face and more balance.

In addition to your haircut, consider adding highlights and lowlights to your hair. It will add appeal and enhance your new hairstyle in addition to making it appear more luxurious. If your hair is chemically treated and frayed at the ends, use conditioners to strengthen your hair and keep it healthy. Use products that are safe for chemically treated hair.

There are many other hair factors that come into play as you select a hair cut. Very curly and frizzy hair conditions are two situations that come to mind. As you consider all the variables and needs of your own particular hairstyle, you’ll find valuable information on web sites that deal with these issues. Listed below are a few to help you get started.


Find tips on thinning and balding there too.

Fine hair requires more maintenance than thick full hair. As your hair grows, your carefully layered style loses its shape and you’ll have to make frequent visits to your hair stylist if you want to maintain the volume and lift you’ve achieved with your haircut.

What’s the best hair cut for fine hair? It’s a haircut that adds fullness, definition, and makes you feel good about your appearance.