Five different Ways to Style Short Hair

Just because you have short hair does not mean that you cannot wear it styled in different ways.  Short hair can be very pretty, and you will find many different ideas in fashion magazines as well as hairdressing guides.  The following are five hairstyles you should consider with your short hair.

Go natural

One great way to wear short hair is to just let it go natural.  If it is curly, then let it be so; if it is straight then keep it that way.  Of course, you want it to be clean and healthy and tangle-free.  A lot of times natural is the most beautiful of all.

Wear a headband

A headband can work for pretty much any length of hair.  These are very pretty and they make all different types.  Some are great for casual days whereas others can be great for an elegant affair or even a wedding, including your own.  You can get a type that is a round cloth band that you put into your hair.  These come made of all different types of fabric such as cotton and nylon.  You can get them in different colors as well as different prints, which can be pretty.  There are also many hard headbands.  They make ones with different children’s characters on them for the hair of a little girl.  Some of them have embellishments like ribbon, sequins and crystal.  Some are made of plastic whereas others are made of metal or another material.  These are usually not too expensive and you can have a selection.

Where a decorative comb on the side of your hair

There are many decorative combs that can be pretty on one or both sides of your hair.  Some are very simple whereas others have a lot of embellishments on them.  It could be a metal comb or another material. 

Wear little crystal clips in your hair

They sell beautiful little crystal clips that you can wear in different places in your hair.  These come in all different colors.  Some are more elegant and good for adults whereas others are more geared towards children.

Use gel/hair spray to give you something wild

You can place a lot of hair gel or hair spray to make your hair look slick.  You could give it a wild look or something very fun.  You can experiment with different hair products.

Short hair can be styled in many fun ways.  Consider the above ideas when doing this.