Five most Fashionable Methods for Disguising Bad Hair Cuts

When it comes to disastrous and bad haircuts, men are luckier as they can always sport a funky cap without letting anybody know that it was another one of their clever tricks to disguise their bad hair. However, it is not as easy for the girls as you think it is. They need to think more than a couple of times before going out in public while suffering from a bad hair cut as a lot of guts are required to cope up with all the jokes, sarcasms, and harassments from peers and friends.

Here are the five most stylish ways of disguising your horrendous hair cut which will definitely help you out in one way or the other until your hair gets back to its normal self:

1) Wear a Cap:

Although men wear caps a lot more often than women, it is not that they are solely meant for them. Even women can wear caps and look stylish and fashionable all the same. They will not only make you look representable but will also hide your catastrophic hair cut ably whether it consists of  un even layers or bangs cut too short.  There are a lot of varieties to choose from ranging from cowboy styled caps to the baseball ones and wide-brimmed hats to cotton head wraps, totally depending upon your mood and choice.

2)  Accessorize:

If your stylist has chopped off your beautiful locks into something very short, you might feel very stressed and bothered about your appearance but if you are acquainted with the term ‘accessorize’ you need not worry much. You can choose from a lot of accessories, the best one being the basic bobby pins. Besides the traditional ones, they are now also available in many groovy styles with sparkles and what not.

3) Style differently:

If you feel helpless every time you look at your terrible hair cut in the mirror, then stop panicking and learn different ways of styling your hair with the help of several appliances. For instance, curling is the most effective way of growing out the short uneven layers. Go for hot curlers or a curling rod for great results. Straighteners also come in handy when you have had your hair cut in a pixie style for those perfect spikes.

4) Ponytails:

Another neat and classy method of hiding your dreadful haircut is to sport a ponytail. You can pull back your hair tight and tie it into a high ponytail if you want to go casual or put them together into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck for a more elegant look.

5) Hair Extensions:

While visiting a departmental store, look around the hair section and you will surely find straight hair extensions, artificial braids and ponytails and if you find one which matches with the color of your hair, then there can be nothing better than that! You now have things to style your hair quickly and easily.