Flattering African American Hairstyles

There are many classic and trendy hairstyles that flatter the African American woman. Most of today’s stars accentuate their hair with added pieces of hair to add fullness. Super model, Tyra Banks chose hair extensions because constant styling with heated curling irons was damaging her tresses.   Afrocentric is making a comeback in fashion. The style of short, hair worn in a neat crop on the head is reminisce of the Afro worn in the seventies. 

Dread locks and braids  are ethnocentric and becoming to an  Africa American  woman who would like to wear a style that is low in up keep and maintenance. 

In  the movie “10” , who could ever forget Bo Dereck styling  braids done in a simple corn row. Needless to say, this style was adapted by white woman as well. The style became known as the style of a “10” woman.

Today, hair care products makes it easy to assimilate any type of style. The first lady, Michelle Obama, has reintroduced the classic bob. It’s no wonder, African American women are duplicating that timeless and classic bob.

Recently, singer, actress Janet Jackson is no longer wearing her hair in a voluminous mane. Her hair is now a short cropped wavy style. The style, is sexy in all of it’s simplicity. This style on her looks youthful, with a bit of an edge. Soon, women every where will be wearing their hair styled in this manner.

Any woman, not just African American women ,should adapt any style that is befitting to them. Hair is an accessory and can be worn at any length.  The shape of your face should be considered with any style.

Big hair, is now tamed sleek bobs. Frizzy hair is now worn tousled and wavy.  Curly hair is now worn bone straight. Long hair, is now worn short. you get the general idea.

Styles change quickly. It may be hard at times keeping up with the latest trends. I suggest, you just do you. No one can do you, quite like you. See there, you got that market cornered.

The styling of hair is endless in possibilities.  You may, even change your hair style as often as you wish.  I guess it depends on what day it is or what mood you are in.

Why should it be any different for African American women? It is always best to work with what you have going for you. It’s obvious African American women have a lot going on.  So, wear your crown with pride. You Nubian queen, you.