Flattering Hairstyles for Fine Hair

A lady’s hair is her crowning glory, and being born with fine hair doesn’t mean you are excluded from choosing a style which is up to date and fashionable. What it does mean is that you have to make more careful choices. Fine hair often gives a lank appearance and lack of volume, and is much more prone to needing special care to keep it in tip-top condition. In fact styles which require a lot of heat input are not always the best choice, unless using products to protect the hair from additional splitting. The styles suited to difference face shapes for fine hair depend also upon the length of the hair and the sections below cover all lengths and highlight the facial shapes which are best suited to the style.

Shoulder length hair.

One of the neatest cuts for shoulder length hair is where the overall length of both bangs and general hair is of similar length. A stylish and sophisticated look, fine hair can be parted on the side, the bangs forming a part of the style, rather than being separated by being a different length. This is particularly suitable for those with very straight hair, since it is easy to keep the style with minimum heated treatment. The style is blow dried using a cylindrical hair brush, so that the ends are swept under and it is this brush treatment during drying which gives fine hair particular volume, helping it to give the appearance of healthy voluminous hair. The kind of face this suits is oval with high cheekbones and a nice neck. For those a little afraid of losing the length of their hair, this style gives a great advantage.

Alternatively shoulder length straight hair can be cut into a bob, since again, this requires minimal heat treatment during the drying process and the same drying methods applied to give the appearance of volume. Easy to maintain between cuts, the bob is more suited to those who have a more rounded face.

Long faces need a style which has bangs and detracts the eye away from the length of the face. The styles suited to ladies with fine shoulder length hair and who have particularly long faces are those which produce layered curl at the side of the face to add width to the overall look, but also those styles which use the bangs area in a layered fashion which is not too heavy for the facial features. If a solid fringe is cut, this tends to emphasize the length of the face.

Long hair.

For the long haired lady with fine hair, there are several cuts which add volume. Having lightly feathered hair helps the sides to retain volume. If the face is oval with high cheekbones which are crying to be shown off, curling the sides of the front of the hair forward helps the face to be framed and give a very flattering look.

For those with round faces, long bangs swept to one side help to take the emphasis off the roundness and give the face more impact. Lightly feathered and perhaps colored with a semi permanent style of streak helps give the hair a new dimension and great looks.

Avoid all styles which constrict the hair into elasticated fastenings, since this will cause splitting, which is particularly noticeable with already fine hair.

Shorter styles.

Many women look good with short styles, though are worried about flyaway hair, especially when they have thin hair. To add volume to thin hair, try to choose a style which is layered all over. What happens is that the layers brought forward help to hide the thin texture of the hair. This is particularly good advice for the older woman, who may be conscious of hair being thin. The impression of volume doesn’t have to be overbearing, and the fringe or bangs can be feathered to give a lighter and more sophisticated look than a solid fringe.

Pixie crops are great for women who have fine hair but who know how to use styling gel. If you decide to be bold and have this style of hair, do ask your stylist to show you how to use gel to best effect. A young style which is terribly fashionable and great for fine hair, the look can be changed simply by placement of the hair while drying. Many of the pixie styles merely require the wearer to dry their hair from the bottom, putting their head down to give extra volume to the hair. Flicking their head back again, the tresses are placed strategically to give maximum impact. Pointy style bangs give a light textured look, though many of these styles are great for day to day maintenance, since running your hands through the style as you dry it, helps to keep the volume. A style such as this must be cut every six weeks for maximum impact.

The pixie bob, such as recently sported by Victoria Beckham means that the cut is random in appearance, though veers toward a long fringe. This is a great style for fine hair, since once again, the volume is added during the drying process. The bangs area is actually cut longer than the back of the hair and is swept forward, while the sides of the hair are lightly feathered but take on a bob look, being layers from the bottom of the head to give more shape. This is a great style for the lady with either oval or round face, and great for those with nicely formed cheekbones.

Whatever the style chosen as suitable for your age and the fine texture of your hair, the principle will always be the same. Fine hair by nature needs more volume. Fine curly hair needs to be treated with products to bring it under control but can equally be styled in the above styles, given the amount of tools available to the home stylist these days. The main thing to remember with fine hair is that protection of the hair is vital to keep it in healthy condition. Always respect this rule of thumb when styling short hair, and any one of the choices above are viable styles for finer hair.