Flex Band Rehab Exercises

A flex band is a useful tool for strengthening muscles post-injury, according to Sports Injury Clinic. Flex bands are made of rubber tubing and are sometimes called resistance bands, therabands or rehab bands. Exercises with a flex band can strengthen both upper and lower body. Speak with your doctor about which exercises are best for you if you need a rehabilitation program.

Standing Hip Flexion

The standing hip flexion exercise targets the iliopsoas and rectus femoris muscles. The iliopsoas is a hip flexor; the rectus femoris is one the muscles of your quads. This exercise may be useful for someone with a contusion, rupture or strain to either muscle. You also use your muscles because balance is challenged during the exercise. Perform the exercise standing on your right leg with a flex band wrapped around your left ankle. The other end of the band is wrapped around a stationary object near the floor behind you, or a friend can hold it for you. Lower the leg straight to the floor again and bring your ankle slightly behind you. Bend your left knee and lift it to waist level. Stand up tall and do not lean at all during the exercise.

Cable Scaption

Scaption is a safe band exercise recommended by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Use a flex band or resistance cable to target the deltoid muscles of the shoulders. A resistance cable is the same as a band, though sometimes the terms are used to differentiate between tubing with handles and tubing without. Perform the exercise by standing on a band and holding an end in each hand with your arms straight and your hands on your thighs. The hands are rotated so the thumbs are facing away from you with the palms facing inwards. Raise your arms at a 45-degree angle to eye level. Lower the arms back to the starting position.

Seated Row

The seated row exercise targets your biceps, rhomboids and latissimus dorsi. The rhomboids are muscles of your upper back and the lats are located at the middle back. Perform the seated row by sitting on the floor with your legs straight. Wrap the flex band around the bottom of your feet. Cross the band and grab an end in each hand with your arms straight above your legs. Then, bend your arms and pull your elbows up and back until your forearms are parallel to the floor and at shoulder level. Next, straighten your arms to complete the exercise.

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