Forget numbers: This scale tells you how good you really look

Finally, an apparatus that might sneak past the ban on scales in my house.

It’s not that I am opposed to everyone using scales to gauge their weight loss or gain. That’s great for some people, especially those people who don’t use it as a tool to fuel an eating disorder or exercise compulsion, or belittle themselves or their loved ones. I’m just opposed to giving more power to a number that tells only one small part of the story of my health and well-being. For more than ten years, I’ve been happily and healthfully scale-free.

The Yay! Scale could very well change all of that, however.

Priced at $55, this scale doesn’t have numbers. They’ve been replaced with affirmations that I am pretty sure every woman would like to hear first thing in the morning — ravishing, lovely, cute, hot, and others. Forget craning your neck to look in the mirror after trying on those size-smaller skinny jeans. You could just step on the Yay! Scale and get the booty feedback you need by looking toward your feet.

Is this warm-fuzzy scale ridiculous, particularly, as pointed out on The Future Now Blog, in the time of smart scales? Of course. If you are a person who is focused and serious about what the scale says, then real technology, like progress tracking and auto-messages to your doctor, would turn what could be emotional weaponry into a valuable, personalized tool. But if you are a person who chooses to use other lower-tech ways of measuring your size (hello, pre- and post-baby pants), then the Yay! Scale serves as a reminder that you are only getting better and better.

If I ever do choose to chart my body weight again, I’d love a smart scale with all the all the bells and whistles of kindler and gentler up-and-down tracking, customized feedback and syncing up with my team of health professionals and supportive friends. But since I’m not there, I’m not going to over-think how this affirmation scale adds or detracts value in my life or the world of healthcare products and gadgetry.

After all, it’s pink and fuzzy. And being told I’m weighing in at “fine” will having a bigger impact on my life at this point than seeing the three little numbers other scales have a tendency to scream.