Frequent Yeast Infections Symptoms

Approximately 75 percent of women will have at least one yeast infection at some point during their lives, report health officials at the Illinois Department of Public Health in Springfield. Common causes of yeast infections include taking antibiotics, increased heat and moisture and hormonal changes. Make an appointment with your doctor or gynecologist if you develop frequent yeast infection symptoms, as recurrent infections can be a sign of a more serious medical problem.


One of the most frequent yeast infection symptoms is vaginal itching. The delicate, external skin of the vagina becomes excessively itchy or irritated. Scratching this area to alleviate these symptoms may further irritate vaginal skin. Certain women develop a mild rash or swelling in the genital area, explains Medline Plus, an informational medical website provided as a service of the National Library of Medicine. Although this infection is less common in men than women, men can also experience itching or redness around the tip of the penis due to this infection.

Painful Urination or Sexual Intercourse

Irritation caused by the overgrowth of yeast within the vagina can lead to painful sensations during urination or sexual intercourse. Scratching at the affected site can also cause small tears within the genital tissue, increasing sensitivity to touch. Those afflicted with yeast infections may experience a burning sensation during urination, which may be accompanied by pain within the lower abdomen, explain health officials at the Cleveland Clinic. These frequent yeast infection symptoms can occur in both women and men, and tend to be more severe in patients who experience recurrent infections. Seek further medical evaluation from your doctor if you experience pain during urination or sexual intercourse, as such symptoms can be indicative of another medical condition.

Vaginal Discharge

A yeast infection can cause abnormal vaginal discharge to develop in some women. Vaginal secretions increase in volume and appear white, thick or lumpy. Vaginal discharge resulting from a yeast infection is typically odorless, but may smell yeasty–like bread baking–to some women. Men can also experience similar discharge from the tip of the penis if a yeast infection is present. These frequent yeast infection symptoms typically continue to become worse until treated with an anti-fungal medication.

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