Fresh Fitness QAs: sports bras, armpit fat, firm abs, and much more!

by Erin Kurdyla, Fresh Fitness Tips, SELF Magazine

michelle621 says: I was just wondering if you could recommend any good sports bras that are really supportive for class like kickboxing where there is a lot of jumping around. Thanks!

Answer: My sports bra of choice is Champions Shiny Seamless Sports Bra, $22.99 but if you have a larger chest (let’s say C on up) than you may want to try the Enell Sports Bra, $60;, or Champions Powerback Sports Bra, $38 which both have thicker shoulder straps and two distinct cups.

CassaB says: Is there any way to tone armpit fat? I am pretty lean…exercise regularly but no matter what I do I cannot get rid of these pockets of fat in the crease of my armpits…(where it would hang over if wearing a bra) it’s there if I wear a bra or not!

Answer: Sounds like you’re talking about the dreaded bra overhang. Step 1- make sure that your bra is the right fit. The wrong size can create that bulge even on the fittest person. Step 2-Work the latissimus dorsi muscles or the lats (the muscles that run from your armpit to your waist on either side of your body) by performing a seated row with your resistance band. Check out the pictures.

katefitness says: There are so many workouts posted on Self and others, plus my DVDs. Do you think you can get a good effect (tone, strength and weight loss) if you do a different workout everyday as long as the total body is covered, or is it best to stick to a workout for a month or so. Thanks.

Answer: Mixing and matching total body workout routines (like theĀ ones at is effective and fun. The variety keeps you motivated and helps to target various muscle groups on your body. I’m a big fan.

autumn_willow_7 says: Hope you had fun! Speaking of the big chill, it’s been snowing in Portland, OR and I was just curious how many more calories you burn walking in the snow vs. regular walking (i.e. 10% more?) We have several inches and will be getting more. Thanks!

Answer: It’s not an exact science but if you’re walking in deep snow its equivalent to adding resistance so you could be burning as much as double the calories.

mammax4 says: Hi Erin, I too am a mother of 4 young children and I really admire how you find time to exercise each day. I keep telling myself I will start the next day. I am not overweight just out of shape and holding on to maybe 10 extra post baby pounds. Anyway I was just wondering I see the DVD’s above and wanted to know have you been able to get your abs back after having 4 kids??? I had 3 c-sections and would love to have firm abs again

Answer: I’m not ready to bare the midriff quite yet, but with the help of my latest DVD 10 Minute Solution Quick Tummy Toners (and cardio) my abs are feeling firmer almost seven months after having my son. There’s a whole world of 10 Minute Solution DVDs out there. Check them out at! These DVDs make it easy to squeeze in 10 minutes of exercise here and there. Do a few sessions throughout the day and you’re that much closer to that firm tummy. Start today!