Frizz Ease Recovery Masque

I have a nightmare hair type; I have greasy roots and dry ends. My hair needs washing daily because by day 2 it’s greasy and disgusting. I try to use shampoo’s which don’t have moisturising properties as this makes the greasy roots problem even worse, but I need a good conditioner to apply to my dry, split ends. My hair also tends to get a slight frizz to it when I would prefer it to be lovely and sleek, and so I try to use a deeper conditioning treatment once or twice a week. I’ve loved the John Frieda range for quite some time now, most favourably the Brilliant Brunette range but I also dip in and out of the Frizz-Ease range. I’ve had a few good products from John Frieda and when I was in Boots and spotted an offer on the range, I was tempted to buy a couple of products I hadn’t yet tried out before. This Strengthening Creme Masque was one of those products, but why did I choose this one?

Well the front of the tub states it’s an anti-breakage nourishing crème for damaged hair caused by excess heat styling. I use my GHD hair styler almost every day, combined with a hair dryer every so often although I tend to let my hair dry naturally where ever possible to avoid heat damage. This damage probably isn’t helping my split ends and so this was the reason I chose this product, as its anti-breakage claim appealed to me. The product also states that it will help safeguard against future breakage and frizz. The crème masque comes in a tub with a screw top lid. Whilst this might make it look good it can be a bit of a carry on in the shower, as when I have unscrewed the lid and scooped out a small amount into my hand, I then have to try and put the lid back on to avoid water getting into the product, so I often leave the lid just lying on the top until I’m done. It suggests to use this conditioner following one of their shampoos, but I ignore that and use any shampoo I wish. I then squeeze out the excess water from my hair before applying the crème masque. The tub states to apply a generous amount and distribute evenly from roots to ends. I do use a good amount but I focus more on the end of my hair then the roots due to my problematic hair I previously mentioned. The crème feels thick and soft, and it’s quite alarming at first to apply so much of the product to your hair, I did imagine it not washing out so well and having that awful greasy feeling afterwards where too much hair product remains in your hair! The instructions say to leave on for one minute before rinsing thoroughly, and they suggest using it twice a week. For an extra treat you can actually wrap hair in a warm towel and leave on for up to 20 minutes before rinsing, I haven’t personally tried this out as I’m too impatient, but if you do have extremely heat damaged hair then this would be a brilliant idea to give hair a much needed moisture boost.

It rinses out easily enough and each time I’ve used this crème masque I can tell the difference in my hair straight away. I don’t always blow dry my hair, but when it’s dry my hair feels soft, silky and healthy. I always have a good hair day the day after using this, I love to wear my hair down as it’s not so frizzy and feels more thick than usual. It doesn’t make my hair any greasier, thankfully, and my split ends are less noticeable and it makes a huge difference to any heat damage. I do try to use this twice a week when I remember, and it gives my hair a lovely and much needed boost. It’s much better than using a normal daily conditioner as it nourishes hair that little bit more, and it’s one of the best deep conditioning treatments I have used yet. I bought this product without ever having used it before and I would safely buy it again as it does give very pleasing results, it truly is a ‘miraculous recovery!’

The 1250ml tub costs £5.79, and I do think there should be a larger tub as you do have to apply a good generous amount each time you use it and so this product doesn’t last very long at all. It is worth it however, but because of the size I would wait until there is an offer on, there are frequent offers on the John Frieda range in Boots for example, so keep an eye out and give this one a go and give your hair a much needed conditioning treat.