Fun Things to Do in NYC on a Double Date


New York City is a great place to explore. There is something here for every interest and every budget. The variety of activities available in New York make it a a wonderful place to go on a double date. Whether you want to do something traditional, like dinner and a movie, or something more romantic, like a sunset boat ride in Central Park, you’re certain to find something that works for everyone on the date.

Dinner and a Movie

Going to dinner and movie can provide the opportunity for each couple to get to know each other better, or for all four people to bond. And if dinner and a movie is what you want, there are many options in New York City. If you’re budget-conscious, try John’s Pizzeria on Bleecker Street, where both couples can share a pie for less than $20. Then walk to AMC Loews Theater on Broadway and 19th Street. If money isn’t an issue, then make a reservation at a restaurant like Maialino in the Gramercy Park Hotel or Table near Madison Square Park. If the date is going well when the movie ends, enjoy a leisurely stroll along Broadway until you get to Union Square Park, where you can end the night sitting outside with a beverage at Union Square Cafe.

Picnic in Central Park

Few things are more romantic than an afternoon picnic, and Central Park provides the perfect backdrop for this double date. If you’re on a budget, pack your own lunch. If you can afford it, stop at Zabar’s at 81st and Broadway or Barney Greengrass at 87th and Amsterdam for a pre-packed lunch with everything you need for a picnic. Once you get to the Park, follow the signs for Cherry Hill, which is a popular picnic spot. Spread out a blanket and enjoy good food and company. When you’re done relaxing, follow the signs for the Boathouse, where you can rent rowboats and take a romantic ride around the lake.

Urban Hike to Food Trucks

An urban hike can be anything from a 10-mile walk through the city to a leisurely stroll through a neighborhood in Queens to a group activity designed to burn calories while enjoying the company of friends. You can combine an urban hike and a meal by walking to one of New York’s signature food trucks. For lunch, try Schnitzel ‘N Things, Rickshaw Truck or El Diablo Tacos. Each of these trucks maintains an online presence and schedule, so you can find out in advance where they’ll be. Next, pick your dessert truck. The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck and the Wafels and Dinges Truck are two of the most popular dessert trucks. You can check their web sites and Twitter feeds in advance to find out where they’ll be. You can continue your walk through the city, or end the date after dessert. This is a great double date because you can take the time to enjoy good food, good company and good conversation, all while spending time outdoors.

Rent Bicycles

New York City traffic can intimidate even the bravest cyclists. Those who want to enjoy bike riding in New York City without risking life and limb can traverse the city’s bike paths. Without the traffic to distract you, biking in New York City is a great activity for a double date. You can rent a bike at New York’s Waterfront Bicycle Shop, located on Christopher Street in the West Village. From there, walk across the street to the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, a 32-mile bike path that circles the island of Manhattan. The path will take you through a beautiful park and across several piers. You’ll enjoy the scenic atmosphere of the waterfront and best of all, you’ll be out of traffic for most of the ride. After you return the bikes at Christopher Street, you can walk along Hudson Street and grab a bite to eat at one of the many small cafes and restaurants in the neighborhood.

Pool and Ping-Pong

Pool and ping pong are two indoor activities that are ideally suited to double dating; each couple can play as a team. The Fat Cat bar in Greenwich Village has pool tables and ping pong tables, as well as a variety of board games, including backgammon and Scrabble. Pool and ping pong rates vary depending on the day you play. After a few hours of gaming, head outside, where your restaurant options are endless. Grab a slice of pizza on Seventh Avenue, or enjoy Tex-Mex cuisine at nearby local favorite Cowgirl.

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