Ghost Serenity Eau De Toilette

I love getting perfume as a present, it doesn’t matter how much you already have, its one of those things that you just can’t get enough of. I have yet to dislike a perfume so much that I just can’t wear it. I have disliked perfume enough to not wear it much, or to leave it in the office for the girls to use when ever they want to, but so far so good. Until, my lovely mother (who has never really had a good sense of smell) bought me ‘Serenity by Ghost’. I have a couple of Ghost perfumes which I absolutely adore. But somewhere along the line, ghost and my mother seriously tripped up with this one.

* Perfume Packaging *

I think that is the perfume bottle is attractive then you are half way there in terms of a likeable fragrance. I love slightly glamorous or colourful bottles. It is nice to have something a little different. The box that the bottle comes with is relatively attractive, a deep pink which fades beautifully into purple however the bottle is, somewhat different. Being the fact it looks like a small spaceship. Diminutive, squashed, round and standing on three tiny bumps to give it a little lift, although this actually tends to make it lose its balance and fall over. It is very feminine and delicate, made with clear glass, but in my opinion rather boring and cheap looking. It has a large, pointless lid that is kept in place by a silver ring around the top of the bottle. This silver ring has completely broken off as it has nothing to keep it in place; this now means that the lid to the bottle no long stays on. So it can’t be carried around and it makes it look even smaller then it did before! You can see the light aqua-marine colour of the liquid inside the bottle which is the only attractive thing about it. This is such a shame as some of the other ghost perfume bottles are extremely eye-catching and colourful.

* The Heart Notes *

The heart scents (otherwise known as the middle notes) are what makes up the main body of the perfume and is usually what catches the most attention and appeal. The heart notes are most apparent within an hour of wearing the perfume and generally last throughout the life of the perfume on the skin. So when people ask ‘oh what’s that smell?’ it’s usually these notes that they can sense. The heart notes in this perfume are…

Bergamot, Peony, Lily of the valley and Tonka bean

The notes work together to create quite a sharp, clean smell, but with the Tonka bean being used as a substitute for Vanilla it makes its slightly warmer and not as overbearing as it would have been without it.

* Wearing The Fragrance *

Ghost advertise this as a sensual, peaceful and feminine fragrance hence the name serenity. However I actually don’t see it as any of them. The first spray is extremely strong and synthetic. It does have a powdery smell to it and it takes some time to get over the sharp scent. It calms down slightly after half an hour or so and the slight powdery vanilla notes become present and the floral element embraces your senses all of a sudden, which is the only saving grace of this perfume. It just smells so over powering and it chokes me with every spray. It frustrates me when a perfume smells so synthetic; it is hard to even describe this as pleasant. It has no calming effect, even the use of Lily of the valley to give it a more floral scent doesn’t work to its advantage much as it still remains over the top.

The perfume is distinct and I am sure it is a bit of a marmite perfume. You will either love it or hate it. The strong scent doesn’t allow there to be an in-between. It is a feminine floral fragrance which does smell slightly more appealing after an hour or so. It also lingers for a long time, after a spray in the morning it last for a good few hours before slowly fading away. So this really is a daytime perfume. However, as for being sensual, I don’t agree as there is no deep warmness to it and nothing which makes you fall in love with it. The peaceful element is also out the window, unless you like being knocked unconscious by the almost floor-cleaner like smell.

I was really disappointed with the fragrance; the only positive (if you like it) is that it is long-lasting.

* Price, Availability & Other Products *

As with most perfumes the price varies depending on where you got and what size you get. I would always advice you to look online as there are so many perfume retailers now. I got this as a gift, and I am glad I didn’t pay for it! I know my mum bought this from Boots but as usual you can buy it from most places that sell perfume on the high street. It is available for approximately £20 for a 30ml bottle and £30 for a 50ml bottle etc. You are more likely to find it in a gift box with a shower gel or body lotion then by itself and if you do intend to buy it I suggest you get the gift box, at least you might like the rest of the set!

* Recommendation *

In general I am not a floral fan, but this really was below average in my opinion. It was too strong and extremely synthetic. It really had that suffocating feeling every time I sprayed it and it gave me no ‘serenity’ at all. The instant smell is like opening a bag of cheap potpourri! The bottle was disappointing and cheap, which also describes the smell of the perfume. I can see why my mum bought it, the other Ghost perfumes are lovely, and the box this come sin is exceptionally attractive but once you open the box it all goes incredibly wrong.

I would only recommend this as a gift if the person is a guaranteed fan of extremely fresh floral fragrances and if you are not worried about them giving it make to next year!

I won’t be wearing or buying this again… just don’t tell my mum!