Great Hair Care Tips

They say that some women are born with naturally healthy hair. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t all have it. Even if you have problems with your hair there are tips to help turn it into healthy, shiny, enviable hair.

The first tip you will need to know is how to wash your hair properly. Wet hair is very fragile so washing it should be done with care. Always brush your hair before you wash it. This will minimise the movement of the wet hair and it will also allow the conditioner to penetrate more deeply. It also means that you will not be scrubbing or pulling at your hair whilst you are washing it trying to work the knots out.

Another tip that many people do not know is that you only need to wash the roots of your hair. The ends of the hair do not normally accumulate much dirt or grease and so they do not need to have shampoo directly applied to them. Simply gently apply the shampoo to your roots and when you rinse it out, let it run down to the ends of your hair. This is normally sufficient to clean the ends.

Everyone should try to use an intensive conditioner at least once a week. Shampoo your hair and remove the excess water. You can do this by gently squeezing your hair and then wrapping it in a towel for a few moments. Then apply your conditioner by gently massaging it into the roots and working it through to the ends. Then wrap your conditioned hair up again in a warm, clean towel. Try to leave it in the towel for an hour. The length of time and the eat of the towel will really help the conditioner to penetrate the shaft of the hair. After an hour to an hour and a half you can rinse the conditioner. The result will be that your hair looks healthier and feels softer. Doing this once a week will make a dramatic difference to the condition of your hair. Many hairdressers say that it will also make your hair grow a little faster too.

Never brush your hair. Brushing your hair can drag the cuticle which will damage it. Use a wide toothed comb to style your hair instead. This will cause less damage.

Do not wash your hair everyday. If you do then you could strip the hair of its natural oils which will cause the hair to produce more than it needs in order to compensate.