Grow Long Nails

I’ve never had long nails and whilst I’ve often considered getting acrylics or fake nails or whatever they’re called, the initial cost and regular expense of upkeep has always put me off. I have two major problems, biting and brittle nails. My nails break easily and the remainder seem to get nibbled away – disgusting I know!

Miraculously, I began to notice that my nails had grown the slightest bit. I’m not sure how this occurred, but I was determined to grow them in the hope that my hands would no longer look like those of a chubby ten year old. Obviously my small hands would never get bigger, but I hoped that the addition of some glamorous nails would make them look more mature.

On a shopping trip to TJ Hughes, I spotted a mountain of Sally Hansen nail products. I was familiar with the brand name, and the usually quite hefty price tag that accompanies it, so I was pleasantly surprised to find all the items were selling for £1.50 each. I have since seen a more limited selection of Sally Hansen products in the local pound shop so there are bargains to be found if you look hard enough.

So what does it claim to do? Well Maximum Growth is a daily growth program which offers powerful protection for short, problem nails. And an eye-catching yellow and red flash on the top of the packaging says it will help to ‘grow 10 stronger, longer nails in just one week.’

Using Maximum Growth is simple. It comes in a bottle with a brush built into the lid, similar to most nail varnishes. The liquid is clear with a pink tinge to it. The instructions recommend you paint it directly onto clean, dry, bare nails. You can then either apply a second coat and use the product alone for a natural look or you can choose to apply a coat of normal nail varnish over the first coat. Obviously, they recommend you use a Sally Hansen nail varnish but I don’t see this as anything more than a bit of clever marketing. That said, I bought a bottle of Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps nail varnish at the same time so I use this.

You then reapply the Maximum Growth to your nails once a day for 5 days. After 5 days, you’re advised to remove all layers (using your usual nail varnish remover) and start again.

So far, after just a few days, I’m impressed. My nails definitely feel stronger. In fact, they’re rock hard and could probably have a role in the next Guy Ritchie flick! I’ve tried bending them which used to be a doddle but since using the Maximum Growth, they’re solid and hard as nails (excuse the pun!) This means there’s no breakage, and no excuse to nibble down the rest of my nails to a uniform length. And, let’s face it, that was an excuse. I chew my nails through habit but Maximum Growth has also put a stop to this. Even when it has dried, it retains a slightly chemically smell to it and definitely the taste as well. So even on the odd occasion when I have found my nails straying dangerously close to my teeth, the nauseating smell and disgusting taste has quickly put me off!

Slowly but surely my nails are getting longer. They will never reach the proportions of the late Flo-Jo’s curling talons, but I hope they’ll make me look a bit more like the glamorous minx that I am!