Guidelines for Weight Bench Exercises

Weight bench exercises can be a challenging part of your workout routine. Whether you’re a trained athlete or a casual exerciser, however, you need to know how to lift safely. Improper use of a weight bench can lead to serious injuries, especially if you’re using heavy weights. Always practice safe lifting techniques so you can keep yourself in good shape.


When lifting weights over your head or lifting a weights that are heavy for you, use a spotter. Your spotter should be attentive throughout the exercise, ready to react immediately if you are in danger of dropping a weight. Your spotter also can provide a small amount of assistance to help you complete an exercise if your muscles reach the point of fatigue.


Do not hold your breath as you perform exercises on the weight bench. That can cause your blood pressure to increase. Exhale as you lift the weight, and breathe normally otherwise.


Exercises on a weight bench should be done in sets of 8 to 15 repetitions. If you cannot perform this many reps with a certain amount of weight, decrease the weight to a more appropriate amount. Likewise, increase the amount of weight if the exercise is easy for you.


Exercise large muscle groups first and small muscle groups last. If you work your small muscle groups first, you could be too fatigued to proceed to the exercises that engage more muscles. A good rule of thumb is that the more joints you move during an exercise, the larger the muscle group you are working.


Always maintain proper form when lifting on a weight bench. If you find yourself unable to hold your form, drop down to a lower weight instead of risking injury by trying to handle too much.

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