Hair Care Tips for Women with Thin Hair

Don’t think that thin hair isn’t beautiful hair. By taking care of your hair, you can make it look its best. The best part is, you won’t have to pay for the professionals to do it. You can keep your hair healthy, soft, and shiny just by adding or changing some daily habits. You won’t have to use harsh chemicals, and you can keep your money in your wallet.

For women with thin hair, it’s best to avoid overly long hair. You can keep your hair a little past the shoulder-length, but any longer would make the appearance of thin hair even greater. Short, bob cuts are best. Try and see if layering your hair will fit your face structure. Layering hair gives the effect that you have a thicker head of hair.

Thin hair can be very vulnerable to oiliness. In order to see whether this oiliness is a result of having too much natural oils or using too much conditioner, try taking a shower, shampoo and wash your hair, but don’t use conditioner. Don’t wash your hair for a day or two. If your hair is already oily by the next day, you used too much conditioner. You can solve this problem by only putting conditioner on the tips of your hair, starting about halfway down the length. Never put conditioner on your scalp. If you do that, there’s a greater chance of leaving residue on your scalp, thus creating dandruff and leaving your hair follicles clogged.

3. “GOT MILK?”
If you do, try washing your hair with it. You can use any type of milk, and buttermilk is especially good, but I’ve been using whole milk. Just shampoo your hair like you usually do, then rinse it thoroughly. Then, wash your hair in milk. You can do this by pouring it onto your hair and massaging it through, or by dipping your hair into a bowl (if you have that much milk!). Leave it on for at least ten minutes, but more is better. This will take care of your natural oils, but still leaves your hair very soft and shiny.

Whether your hair is naturally thin or it’s actually thinning, massaging your scalp is the key to a beautiful head of hair. Just use your fingertips to move your scalp in a circular motion. You can even use your brush (make sure it’s the kind with only a few plastic bristles, not boar bristles) and massage in a similar way to the fingertips. You might even hang your head down to help with the blood flow to the scalp.

Try all of four of these simple, “free” ways to make your hair the best it can be. Whether thin, thick, straight, or curly, you’ll be proud to wear your hair.