Hair Styles that Slim

No hairstyle will ever reduce your weight but a good hairstyle can certainly make you look slimmer. It is always slightly amusing to catch sight of people with heavy set faces who insist on a hairstyle that only serves to emphasize the fact that they are carrying a bit more weight than they would like. How a person wears their hair can have a dramatic effect on the overall impression they give.


For both men and women, the simplest way to use their hair to give a slimming effect is to have more of it. A man with a fat face will only emphasize this by having his hair cut extremely short, giving the impression his face is too big for his head. Women have much more leeway to use their hair to make them look slimmer with the option to wear “big” hairstyles that seem to reduce the size of their face.

The hairstyles worn by women in the 1980s were ideal as styles that could make the heavier woman look a bit smaller. The Tina Turner style or those worn by the stars of the screen tended to be full and high which obviously had the effect of making the face look smaller and slimmer. Now that many women are wearing short, cropped hairstyles, the effect is the opposite. It only serves to make the face look more plump.


Another modern trend that makes some women appear less slim is that of straightening the hair. Women see stars like Jennifer Aniston with her straight, smooth hair and they want to imitate that style. The problem is that this hairstyle makes the head look smaller and the face look fatter. Women who have more rounded, plump faces need to think in terms of widening the hair to make their face look slimmer. Some hairstyles are simply not suitable for the heavier set woman and the straight hair trend is one of them.

If you really want to use your hair to make you look slimmer, try a fuller, higher hairstyle that may at first, look too big. You will soon get used to it and it will definitely be more attractive than having your hair plastered to your head or brushed flat. Flat hair emphasizes a heavy set face whereas a big hairstyle disguises it. Ultimately, the more hair you have, the greater the opportunity you have to use it to make you look and feel slimmer. Having long hair doesn’t guarantee a slim look though. It is how you arrange your hair that counts. Go for that 1980s look and see how slimming it can be.