Hairdresser new Tips Finding

Finding the right hair dresser can be difficult. Some people are lucky and wander into a hair salon and find a hairdresser that works out. Everyone is not so lucky in the salon lottery. Many people bounce from salon to salon in search of the right combination of precision, knowledge and a pleasing personality only to be disappointed time and time again.

It is important to ask those whose hair you like where they go to have their hair done. If you enter a salon, do not assume that if a cosmetologist has a great hair cut, that your hair is safe with that person. Although your hair may be in very capable hands, chances are someone else cuts that person’s hair. The best way insure your hair is cut well is to find out who cut that stylist’s hair.

Be sure you ask to schedule a consultation prior to your hair cut. It would be advisable if the consultation was face to face and not occurring while your head is back in the sink with water running making communication tricky. The stylist should be paying attention to your hair before the water changes the condition of it. If you have pictures of a desired hair style be sure the person in the picture was what appears to be a similar hair texture and quantity of hair and face shape. Some people have fine hair but have a lot of hair. Other people may have thick hair but not a lot of strands on their head. This frequently confuses people. If you have any pictures of yourself with the hair cut you want bring those to the shop. This way you can ensure your hair will actually have the potential to look like the picture.

It is practical to choose hair styles based on the shape of your face. If your face is round and you are hoping for a bobbed haircut, be sure the length is either above the chin or below the chin. Avoid the length being right at the chin because it will add width to your face. Don’t be afraid of adding height to the top of your hair but try to avoid an overabundance of fullness on the sides.

On the other hand if you have a long thin face you would request the bob to be at chin level for a flattering look. If your face is long and thin you want to avoid height on the top but strive for fullness on the sides to add the illusion of width.

Search until you find a hairdresser who listens to you, keeps up on the new techniques and trends, and is personable. Don’t get discouraged. Question folks you have not met if you are new to the area and find out where they get their hair done. It may seem strange to approach people and ask such personal questions but people will probably be flattered that you like their hair enough to ask.