Hairstyles for Round Faces

Many positive aspects come from having a round face – after all, round faces are cute as a button. However, one common problem that we round-faced beauties often encounter is finding the perfect hairstyle. Indeed, it can be challenging to find a hairstyle that compliments a round face. So many hairstyles cause round faces to appear more chubby than circular. Following is a guide to hairstyles for round faces.

Side Parting

If you have a round face, you always want to part your hair off-center. To find which side your natural part falls on, you can complete a simple little test. While your hair is wet, pull it back as tightly as possible and then push it forward again. Your hair will naturally separate on one side – this is where you should part your hair. Avoid parting your hair straight down the middle. This sort of parting only exacerbates the appearance of a round face.

Loose Curls

When styling for a round face, always strive for at least a little bit of curl. You can achieve this type of curl through the use of a curling iron or hot rollers. If you would only like loose curls, strive for a large curling iron or the jumbo-sized hot rollers. Just make sure that any instrument you use it adequately heated, otherwise, it will not curl properly. If you choose to use hot rollers, make sure that you allow them to set for at least 5 minutes to ensure maximum curl. Remember to allow all devices to cool properly and unplug them after each use. When sporting a round face, avoid the stick-straight look. Super straight hair often makes cheeks look chubby.

Volume at the Crown

Adding height and volume to the crown is one of the most complimentary styles for round faces. It creates the illusion of roundness above the face; therefore, the face appears thinner. To add volume in this area, try teasing your hair a bit with a fine toothed comb along the crown region. Smooth the teased area and add a little hairspray to make sure that your style holds. Sometimes it helps to spray a little volume-booster in your hair before attempting to tease it.

Overall, having a round face is never a feature to be ashamed of. In fact, round faces are often perceived as rather cute.  Just remember to work with your features rather than against them. Never try to force your look to stray beyond your natural features. Treat your features as gifts that you were granted at birth.