Health Problems that cause Bags under the Eyes

Our bodies are amazing machines that tell us when things are going well – or not so well – with countless little signs, such as pain in the arms when the heart is having trouble or whitish lips when circulation is poor. Everything is connected, as can be seen through the amazing art of Reflexology and other ancient health practices, so when there’s a persistent “baggage” under the eyes, it’s best to pay attention.

Bags under the eyes can indicate things like lack of sleep or unresolved grief, but often it is a sign of health problems frequently as a result of poor dietary habits.

Dehydration caused by too much salt, sugar and/or alcohol and diets with excess sugar and fats result in water retention (edema) and one place that the water can builds up is under the eyes. Unhealthy diets also damages the kidneys and gall bladder which causes the delicate skin under the eyes to react with a build up of fluid and even fat!

The varied appearances of these bag each indicate different health concerns. Soft bags mean that the kidneys cannot process properly, causing liquid to build up in the body. This type of under eye bag may be accompanied by three parallel horizontal lines above the nose which also indicates excess liquid in the body.

Kidney problems in advanced stages will present as red or purple bags under the eyes. This is the stage where kidney stones are forming and the discolouration will show on the side of the body that is being affected.

Hard bags under the eyes are from too much animal fat being stored in the body and may be accompanied by two vertical lines between the eyes, indicating problems with the liver and gallbladder.

Puffiness under the eyes can also be rooted in chronic sinus conditions or nasal allergies. The constant swelling and deflating from the pressure and release of these problems will cause the skin under the eyes to loose elasticity and eventually sag. Painful pressure along the cheekbone or over the eyes and watery, itchy eyes are a sign that sinus problems are to blame.

Sadly, beauty products can be the culprit of “unwanted face luggage.” Creams and injections that plump up the skin under the eyes to reduce the appearance of wrinkles are in actuality stretching out the delicate skin over and over, breaking down the elasticity and leaving it saggy. A brilliant way to keep women hooked on these products.

Heredity and old age also catch the blame for baggy eyes. As the skin’s elasticity and the ligaments under the eyes weaken with age, their ability to hold the body’s natural fat in place lessens.

There are plenty of quick fix suggestions, from cold tea bags to Preparation H, but for long term solutions, take a look at your health first to make sure those little bags aren’t a warning sign of something more serious.


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