Helping Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin tends to be easily irritated by most skin care and cosmetics products, the reason for this is that they contain all sorts of harsh chemicals that react badly with sensitive skin types.

Natural products

Using natural products will steer you clear of harsh petrochemicals, additives and preservatives that are likely to harm your skin. Although most natural products are unlikely to harm your skin it is always best to do a test before putting anything on your skin if you haven’t used it before. Because natural products boast only ingredients from nature then they is probably little in them that will dry out your skin or irritate it. In fact products like Emu Oil have excellent moisturising properties perfect for dry or sensitive skin; it is also non-allergenic and will not block your pores.

Products for sensitive skin

These products are probably your best bet if you wish to play it safe, however the out come of using these is generally pretty boring. Although products for sensitive skin will not irritate or dry out your skin they are limited and sometimes hard to find. If you want a really powerful moisturiser then it would be best to chance the natural products section of your local store.

Don’t use bars of soap

If you wish yourself with soap and find you are getting out of the bath or shower with your skin feeling tight and dry then you need to rethink what you wash yourself with. Using a shower gel with moisturising properties and no harsh chemicals in is bound to leave you feeling fresher and softer once you emerge from your washing regime.

Know what works and what doesn’t

If you’ve had sensitive skin all your life then you’ll know what products affect you and which don’t, when you do get a bad reaction from something look at what it has in it. Chances are it is full of harsh chemical and very little natural ingredients, not down these things so you steer clear of them in the future. Similarly if you find that one product is brilliant on your skin buy others in that range and note down what they have in them. It is likely that other product containing those ingredients will also be safe for your skin.

Cold water

Splashing your face with cold water with help to shrink pores; if you then follow this with a gentle moisturiser then the products you wish to use you will be less susceptible to the ingredient of the other products. If you find a very good moisturiser and put this on before you apply foundation then it can prep your face making any dry / sensitive spots that may be red or flaky less noticeable.