Herbal Cures for a Headache

Headaches can be mild or severe and can sometimes develop into conditions that interfere with your daily activities. They can be triggered by a number of things including: stress, heat, foods, exercise, colds or flu, and light. Some people find that herbal treatments for headaches are as helpful as over the counter or even prescribed medications and do not cause side effects.


Feverfew is one herbal supplement that has been shown to be effective in curing a migraine headache by shortening the number, length and severity of headaches. According to the University of Michigan Health System, taking a 250 microgram supplement two or three times per day can help you to control this problem. Capsaicin is another herbal treatment that migraine sufferers may find cures their headaches. The University of Michigan Health System reports that capsaicin comes from cayenne pepper and the herb can be applied to the inside of the nose during an acute migraine. The capsaicin may be enough to relieve the migraine when it is occurring.


A sinus headache causes a dull throbbing pain around the eyes, temple of the forehead and around the sinuses. It can be a problematic and recurring problem for some people. There are some herbal treatments for this headache that can help you cure this. Chinese skullcap is one herbal medication that is helpful in treating this condition. According to the University of Michigan, Chinese skullcap has been traditionally used to treat allergic conditions such as hay fever. However, it has also been found to be useful for people suffering from sinus headaches. It helps relieve the pressure in the sinuses and reduce the inflamed nasal cavities. However, there needs to be more research on this herbal treatment to determine the full extent of its benefit.


The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that tension headaches affect up to 78% of the general population. One herb called butterbur is also very helpful in curing tension headaches by preventing the number of headaches you suffer and the severity of these headaches. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, take 50 to 75 milligrams of the herb two times per day. Butterbur has been found in research to reduce the frequency and duration of migraine headaches. Willow bark is another herbal treatment that can be used for mild tension headaches. The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that willow bark acts as an anti-inflammatory and can help to relieve headaches much like ibuprofen or Advil.

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