Home Beauty

To best utilize the impliments necessary to keep your nails groomed and pretty at home, you should first remember that things that the professionals use. Good old fashioned soap and water and a soft bristled brush allows you to clean all the dirt from your nails so that when you get ready to complete the process, you won’t have any dirt specks of anything on your nails. The next thing would probably be cuticle trimmers, or even a cuticle pusher. Now, for a quality set of these two items they can be costly and most people don’t have fifteen dollars or more to fork out for such things. Here is an easy tip, use a wooden stake like object with a gentle slanted edge so that you can push your cuticles back without damaging the surface of your nails, believe me your nails will thank you for this. Having a good cuticle trimmer is a good idea but if you’re really in a bind then try trimming your cuticle’s with nail clippers or even eyebrow scissors, just be careful not to cut your finger while using either of these tools.

When it comes to painting your nails, start with a clear base coat and allow that to dry thoroughly before applying a coat of color. Once that layer has completely dried, add another layer of color and again, once that layer has dried then add your top coat of clear polish. Some nail technicians will tell you that you need a seperate clear nailpolish, typically called ‘base coat’ and ‘top coat’ but I find that using the same one for both does the exact same job. By adding the base coat and top coat to your nails, it helps to seal in the color and also helps it from chipping. Letting your nails dry for atleast ten minutes without doing anything will help to keep them shiny like they would be from a salon.

If you do alot of dishes or get cracked and dry skin easily, trying using alittle bit of a moisturizing soap or lotion in warm water when you give yourself a manicure at home, letting your hands heal them selves through moisture. If you really want to get rid of the cracks and things and make your hands soft I reccomend going to the salon and getting a hand and arm parafin dip, this really does work and it feels wonderful on your skin.