Home Facials are Excellent Remedy – No

I think salon facials are not worth the money that I would spent on the facial. I feel salon facial is not worth it because you can buy facials at department or grocery stores and get the same results.

Salon facials is okay occasionally but not all the time. There are so many facials products out there that can be used at home and for one thing you are not press for time.

Some of the products I have used are Oil of Olay, Neutragena, Lancome, and Loreal. Any of these products can give you the same results as the salon. The ingredients used to makes these products are the same as the ones in the salon. The good news is it is half the price when you do the facials at home.

I use facials every other day and I can feel the difference in my skin like even tone, no blemishes, silky and smooth, When using these products over time you can get the same results as the salon. Some facials require you to use them once a week or once a month just like the salons.

Another advantage of doing facials at home is you can continue to do other things around the house or with the children while you keep the facial cream on your face, or you can just relax and take a break for 15 minutes. An the best thing is it only takes between 10 to 30 minutes every time. In the salon you have to wait a little and than takes about 60 minutes or more for the facial treatments.

I feel the store bought products do what they say for the money and I am all about saving money and time.

I do not have time to spend in the salon to get a facial so for me taking care of myself at home is best. I do not have to worry about picking up someone or doing errands because I do my facials at home. I was happy when these products came out into the market. I always buy them and use them. I have also shown my daughters these beauty tips so they also can save money and get the results they want for their skin. We all wants to take care of themselves and look younger and vibrant. There is an expensive way to get these results and than there is inexpensive way to look and feel younger. You do not have to spend a fortune to look your best, just be smart shopper and you can get the same results as everyone else who goes to salons and spend time.