Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are, surprisingly, not uncommon. People often wear the wrong-sized shoes, or they work on their feet for too long, or they do not take the time to care for their feet when they can. Many people resort to the techniques and solutions found in professional nail salons, and they pay a lot of money. Economizing consumers, however, will find a solution to their cracked heels just by being at home and looking for simple, inexpensive products.

Because of the current financial situation, many people are trying to cut back on their luxury expenses, which include trips to the hair and nail salons, going to the movies, or just going out in general. As a result, home remedies for seemingly simple problems are becoming increasingly popular.

Cracked heels can be easily remedied by using the following simple items and techniques:

– Soak your feet in a foot bath every week for at least thirty minutes. Although you can purchase foot bath powders and crystals, you can easily make your own at home. Baking soda is a popular choice, since it will remove any unwanted smells as well as leave your skin quite soft. This is because baking soda is a bit abrasive, and if you use something, like a hard brush, to rub the cracked heel, the baking soda will effectively shave off the excess hard skin.

– Apply moisturizing lotion to the affected area everyday. Clean the area first, either by using the foot bath as described above or by using a pumice stone, and then liberally apply the lotion to the cracked heel. Organic lotions seem to work best, though some people can be extremely allergic to even these organic and natural products. Make sure that you test yourself first before using too much of the product.

– Apply oil to the area. Coconut oil is perhaps the number one recommended option, although you can also use olive oil or castor oil. Rub and massage gently for at least thirty minutes. Then, use a pumice stone and wash thoroughly. Pat dry, and apply the oil or moisturizing lotion once again.

– Buy shoes or footwear that will support your heel better. You can ask your shoe store’s clerk for recommendations. However, shoes with thick heels will usually help. Sometimes, the problem lies in the way that you walk.

Cracked heels can be unsightly, uncomfortable, and just plain unwanted. However, buy using these simple tricks and techniques, you can effectively turn your cracked heels into beautiful, soft heels.