Home Remedies for getting Rid of Head Lice

Head lice is a parasitic problem common in hot, humid climates due to the dampness of the scalp.

A female louse lays about 3-5 eggs in a day. These eggs hatch in ten days, at most, and then the offspring take another ten days to produce their own eggs.

As far as their spreading is concerned, do not think that they hop or jump from one person to another. They actually crawl, because they lack hind legs. They can also be transferred by sharing of things like hats, towels, helmets or hair brushes.

Give the following home remedies a try to get these creatures out of your hair!

1) Mayonnaise:

Visit the closest grocery store right now and get hold of a jar of mayonnaise! You might as well have one stored in the pantry too but just make sure that you make use of one which is at room temperature. Cover the entire head with an adequate amount of mayonnaise and let it stay overnight. This remedy will not only condition the hair from inside out but will also kill those lice.  Cover the head with a shower cap and wash it thoroughly with a shampoo in the morning.

2) Tea tree oil:

Combine about 15 drops of tree tea oil with the shampoo that you or your child usually uses to rid the head of nits and lice. This remedy can be used on a regular basis as it has no side-effects. Also, you can make a solution out of one tablespoon of tree tea oil, three tablespoons of olive oil and one teaspoon of eucalyptus oil. Mix this solution with whatever baby shampoo your child treats his/her hair with and apply it on the scalp and the hair of your little one generously. After the application, cover your child’s head using a plastic bag or a shower cap and let it stay for about half of an hour. You can then wash the hair thoroughly. This remedy can also apply to adults who have lice in their hair.

3) Coconut oil:

Another solution to the problem lies in the use of coconut oil. Besides being a good conditioner, coconut oil also is also an amazing natural anti-lice home remedy. It is suggested that you purchase oil which is gentle on your baby’s delicate skin like Johnson or any other mineral oil. Take equal amount of vinegar and this oil, mix it together and apply it on the scalp of your little one. Keep this mixture applied for an hour and then rinse hair completely with a baby shampoo. Afterwards, use a fine-toothed comb to comb the clean hair so that no lice and nits remain in your child’s head.