How Do I Get My Baby to Sleep in His Own Bed?


Many parents struggle with the decision to allow their baby to co-sleep with them (or in a bassinet next to their bed) or to get the baby to sleep in his own bed. According to the New Jersey Department of Children and Families, the safest place for a baby to sleep is in a crib in his parents’ room. However, sleeping arrangements are a personal family decision and can be based on many different factors. Some parents feel a baby will learn independence by sleeping in his own room. Some are worried about the dangers of suffocation during co-sleeping, and some parents want more privacy with their partners. Getting a baby to sleep in his own bed can take anywhere from a night or two up to several weeks. Usually, the younger the baby is, the quicker he will acclimate to his new sleeping area.

Step 1

Put the baby’s crib in your room so she feels comfortable in knowing you are still there. If you want baby to sleep in her room, make the transition gradually. Each night, roll the crib a little farther away from your room until it is in your baby’s room, thus allowing her to slowly adjust to the change.

Step 2

Sleep in the baby’s room for the first few nights to let him get accustomed to his new surroundings, if you cannot roll the crib from your room to his. After the first few nights, begin leaving the room once he falls asleep.

Step 3

Lay your baby down in her crib for naps during the day to get her used to sleeping in it.

Step 4

Do not allow your baby to sleep in your bed occasionally after he has made the switch to his crib, especially if he cries. Doing so will teach him that crying will get him what he wants.

Step 5

Praise and comfort your baby often during the transition to help her feel secure and loved.

Step 6

Visit your baby if he is crying in his crib only about every 15 to 20 minutes. These check-ins will let the baby know you are still there but that you are not going to give in. Simply walk into the room, and gently reposition him in the crib before leaving the room.

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