How People Judge you by your Appearance

Sadly, it is human nature to be attracted to those people or things that look pleasing to the eye. In reality, what we have to offer stems far beyond our physical appearance. A mere glance at the outer image can affect our perception of wealth, value, style and lifestyle. It is common for us to look at the facade and cease to consider anything beyond it. How often do we feel hurt and rejected because someone has made a snap judgement about us and missed all the other things we have to offer?

The adage “beauty comes from within” is now viewed as trite and unrealistic, but it remains the truth. Emotions cannot always be viewed from the outside, and neither can intellect. The human body and psyche are made up of many factors, and it is the whole package that reveals our true selves. So often we hear that beautiful people are cold and bitter on the inside, whilst those deemed less attractive have hearts of gold and kindness and compassion beyond measure. So often the beautiful people wonder if people are talking to them because they genuinely want to spark up a conversation, or because they are deemed pretty or handsome.

What so many of us fail to realize is that we will never look the same forever. There is something to be said for ageing gracefully. When our looks have faded, and our waistlines expanded, what do we have left? It is our nature and intellect, our character and personality, that will remain with us til the end of our days. Our lifetime’s achievements, our social interactions and our ability to accept everyone for who they really are will stand the test if time. We have to be able to offer something more than fleeting beauty or the appearance of wealth.

Today’s society is obsessed with looks and fashion, whilst there is a simultaneous worldwide trend towards violent behaviour, social ineptitude and lack of general family values. We should be concentrating on bringing back community values, caring for our families into old age, and living a wholesome life that has meaning. Forget the nip and tuck, liposuction, frivolent and unnecessary surgeries. Concentrate on being the best person you can be, someone your parents can be proud of and your friends can cherish. By all means retain your style and personal differences – after all, they what make us human. Just don’t forget that they are mere trifles in the journey of life. What matters in the end is our personal relationships and those things that cannot be bought with money; love, friendship, intellect. Who wants to be sixty yet look thirty and die alone? Not me.