How Stress Affects your Skin

Stress affects the skin in various ways. It causes it to become itchy, dry, and uncomfortable. Stress is the skins worst enemy and it wages war against it constantly. Have you ever taken the time to look at a person who is truly stressed out? How does their face appear? You know what I’m talking about. Some people have red spots while others suffer from extreme dryness. It is not fun at all. Below are ways stress affects your skin. Take note.

Causes itchiness

Stress can cause the skin to become itchy. It happens to some people. They may be thinking about something and it makes them upset. Before they know it, they are itching like crazy. People who are often nervous tend to itch as well. It is reaction that takes place within the body. For some it is a coping mechanism.

Causes acne

This is the classic case of the girl who has a date and gets a pimple the size of Mount Everest on her nose. This takes place right before her occasion. Why? When a person is stressed out, their body produces something called cortisol. This causes the skin to become oily and irritated. When a pore is filled with oil, it will create a red, black or white bump on the surface of the skin. This is why a person will often develop an outbreak right before a big event. They are excited and scared and the skin releases the chemicals on the dermis.

Causes excessive perspiration

When a person is stressed they tend to sweat more. This takes place when something is happening. The body cools itself down when it releases liquid from the body. However, since sweat is waste, it can cause break outs. This can cause the skin to produce bumps and redness.

Exasperates Eczema

Eczema is a chronic skin condition consisting of dry itchy skin. It is often found it people who have it in their family line. Eczema is seen on the arms, legs, neck and back. People who have this illness are often sensitive to strong scents like Lavender and Peach. Stress often makes this condition worse because it causes the skin to become oily or dry. Extreme dryness can bring on a flare up and so can extreme moisture.

Causes dryness

Stress comes in the form of anxiety and anger. When a person is very emotional, this causes blood flow to be restricted in certain places. Restricted blood flow will affect the skins Ph balance and cause it to become dry. Dry skin is not happy skin.

The best ally for skin is light moisture and cleanliness. It is important to find balance because the culprit of stress is never going to leave. It will always be there waiting to do damage to this precious barrier we over us protecting us from the dangers of the outside world. Keep skin healthy and strong so it can combat stress.