How to Add Weight to a Bowflex


The Bowflex stands as one of the most compact and complete machines that helps deliver a full-body workout from home. This machine delivers a form of cable resistance training by utilizing flexible rods attached to a pulley system. Because exercise program success is dependent on progression (workouts becoming progressively harder), working knowledge of the resistance system on your Bowflex is necessary.

Step 1

Select your desired resistance. Determine how much weight you would like to add before adjusting the Bowflex. Each rod has a different resistance written on the cap located at the upper end. This is also the location for attaching the resistance cable. Because the resistance increases as the pulley handles move further from the base, the weight you use on a bench press will not be the same resistance you use on this machine. Test the weight a couple of times before making a decision.

Step 2

Reduce the tension on the rods. Use one hand to bend the rods toward the ground and release tension on the hook. This will allow you to easily remove and reattach the hook with the appropriate resistance.

Step 3

Add desired weight. Bend the desired rod to the same height as the others and slip the circular portion on to the hook. Be sure the hook is all the way through the rod and that they do not overlap each other.

Step 4

Slowly let go. Allowing the rods to snap back in place could prove hazardous. When they are all added, slowly move them back to their starting position and add the same amount on the other side.

About this Author

Nate Furlong holds a B.S. in health fitness and certifications from the NASM as a personal trainer, ACSM as a clinical exercise specialist and Flint School of Therapeutic Massage as a massage therapist. As an avid runner and exerciser, Furlong covers relevant and necessary topics in online health and fitness publications.