How to Attach a Mouth Guard to a Football Helmet


Mouth guards are usually required to play the sport the football. It is a safety precaution for each player to be properly fitted for their mouth guard and have it molded to fit their mouth. Some mouth guards may need to be prescribed by a dentist or orthodontist in special cases. Attaching your mouth guard to your helmet will prevent it from getting lost when taking the helmet on or off.

Step 1

Place the helmet on a flat surface, with the face mask facing up. Take the mouth guard end into one hand and the strap end in the other.

Step 2

Place the strap under the bottom bar of the face mask in the center of the face mask. Make sure the mouth guard is positioned as if it were in your mouth with the helmet on. It should not be upside down.

Step 3

Wrap the strap end around the bar so it passes through the middle of the face mask.

Step 4

Open the strap end to create a hole with the strap.

Step 5

Put the mouth guard through the hole and pull the mouth guard so the hole tightens around the strap all the way down to the bar of the face mask.

Step 6

Put your helmet on to make sure the mouth guard is in the proper position. If not, detach the mouth guard the same way it was attached, flip it over and repeat steps 4 through 7.

Tips and Warnings

  • It is easier to fit and mold a mouth guard prior to attaching it to your helmet. By placing the mouth guard strap around the bottom bar, it will give the player more time to spit the mouth guard out if the helmet were to come off the head forcefully.

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