How to Avoid Smelly Feet

Smelly feet exist at some point in most people’s life. You may be able to find various remedies and treatments that promise fast solutions that will cure your problems “forever,” but most of these products are just full of hype and not medication. If you don’t think that you can avoid smelly feet, think again. A few simple methods exist that can help your feet stay away from bad odors.

Most people who experience smelly feet have other symptoms that contribute to the odor. For example, if you have chronic, sweaty feet, you will be at a greater risk for developing fungal feet infections. A preventative method may work sometimes, but if they don’t, it is time that you visit your foot doctor.

A baking soda soak is always an inexpensive yet effective recommendation. Baking soda is so cheap that you can use one whole box per week and your feet will be deodorized and will have no apparent smell. First, add a ratio of one part baking soda to two parts water. So, that means adding 1 cup baking soda for every 2 cups of water. You may add more, but there is a point at which the amount of baking soda does not matter (so, up to two cups for every 2 cups of water). The water should be slightly warm so that while your feet are soaking, they are also softened. Mix the baking soda in thoroughly and then allow your feet to soak for at least thirty minutes.

You can also add lemon juice to the mixture, or apple cider vinegar. Plain white vinegar will also work. Remember to wash your feet thoroughly after you soak them in vinegar water. You can also add some boiled lavender flowers or rosemary to the soak after allowing the water to cool off completely.

Doing this soak at least once a week will help stave the smelly feet syndrome away. You can also use foot powder to prevent your feet from accumulating odor. Changing your socks on a daily basis can also help your feet smell as fresh as possible. Try to use socks that could help deodorize, too, such as socks made with hemp or bamboo fabric. On top of that, these “green” socks last twice as long as cotton socks.

These simple remedies won’t cost you a pretty penny, and odds are that you have most of these ingredients/products already at home. Now, you can keep your feet smelling fresh and clean without having to look for expensive products!