How to be Naturally Beautiful

Natural beauty is actually more “in” today than ever before. You don’t necessarily need a huge makeup box in your bathroom to make yourself beautiful. A few staple products is all you need to get yourself looking fabulous in the morning. Of course, makeup is not the only thing to enhance natural beauty. Home remedies work well, and they cost next to nothing! Remember, beauty is really on the inside, so as long as you are confident you will present a glamorous air to any one you see.

Let’s talk about the few makeup products you should have in your makeup kit. You should always have mascara, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, and a quality bottle of cover up. ONLY use cover up on “problem” areas, and make sure it is a warm color so that it matches your skin tone. Many people make the mistake of buying cover up that is too white, which it ends up looking pasty on your skin. Blend bronzer in a circular motion from you cheeks to your ears, and then down along your chin and jaw line. Also swipe some across your forehead. Take the blush and apply it just to the apples of your cheeks. As always, mascara is extremely important! It will help your eyes pop. Eyeshadow isn’t always necessary, but nice if you want to add some oomph. This will give you a natural look, with little work!

When it comes to home remedies, there are plenty of things in your kitchen cabinets that can help you become the beautiful person you know you are. Try safflower oil (not olive oil – it will make you smell funny!) for moisturizer. It is best used right after a shower. For your hair, rinse it with apple cider vinegar to give it great shine. The age-old idea of using cucumber slices for eye-puffiness actually has some truth to it, so give that a go as well. An even better idea is to use frozen peas because they are much colder and will help reduce swelling.

Do you realize that what you eat has a direct affect on how you look? Fill up on fruits, vegetables, and foods packed with protein and vitamins. It will help your skin remain clear and youthful, and you’ll feel more energetic. Also, a daily mult-vitamin is a MUST. Something that helps your hair and fingernails grow can’t be bad, right?

Natural beauty is easy to achieve; it’s all about simplifying your life and routine. Apply minimal makeup, take care of your body, and be confident! Away with the fake lashes and in with the new and fresh-eyed you!