How to Braid Hair

At first, learning how to braid hair looks difficult. Some people braid so quickly that beginners are often left in the dust, wondering which strand goes over which and so forth. However, braiding hair is actually simple, and once you get to learn the know-how, you will want to braid all the hair that you see.

To start out with, let’s learn some technical terms. This will make the instructions easier to follow. We are going to work with the whole head of hair. Working with one part is working with just one section. Usually, braids are made right down the center of the scalp, but some braids can be very creative and can follow the sides of the head. A French braid is not the same as a regular braid, and it’s not just because of the name. French braids begin with thinner strands of hair. The braider gradually adds more hair to each strand as he/she braids. A regular braid, on the other hand, is just hair divided into three parts and braided all at once.

Longer hair works well with regular braids, but shoulder length hair can also be workable. It just takes more patience. You might want to practice first with three strands of cloth or thick yarn. Cut them to equal length, and then begin as follows: Take the right strand and put it over the middle strand, and take the left strand and put it over the right one. The middle strand has become the right strand. Put that strand over the one you just moved. It is now in the middle. Now take the left-most strand and put it over the middle strand. Repeat the process as needed. What you must remember is to keep moving the left and right strands, and each one will become the middle. To make this practice session more realistic, you can use more strands of yarn to simulate the multi-strands of hair. For instance, you can start off with twenty-four strands and then divide them into eight-strand sections. The thicker the strands, the more realistic your practice will be.

After you have practiced with the cloth or yarn, you can start to braid real hair. If you have long hair, you can definitely practice on yourself. However, practicing on others is actually recommended before you braid on yourself. To begin, you will need to comb out the hair to get rid of knots and kinks. You want the braid to be as smooth as possible. Decide how many braids you will be making. More braids mean more sections, but you should start out with one braid and then go to two. Use the same methods that were used when you practiced with the cloth or yarn. Make sure, however, to pull a little on each strand of hair so that the braid is not overly loose.

To make your braids look even more special, you can add colorful yarn or clips or hair ties. For young girls, you can tie off the braids with hair ties and then use a ribbon to make little bows on each braid’s end. To make two braids, just divide the hair into two sections and divide each section into three equal-sized strands. Now you can start braiding hair into beautiful styles that your family and circle of friends will surely want.