How to Choose a Nail Polish Color

Nail polish is like makeup for your hands.  But just like makeup, different colors are going to flatter different shapes and skin tones better than other colors.  If you’re trying to decide which color to paint your pretty paws, first look at some of the suggestions below.

[1.] Pastels.
Pastels look best if your hands are darker in color.  The contrast makes them pop and look like more of a statement.  If you have light skin, pastels can sometimes look childish instead of chic.  If you have a really deep skin tone, colors like cotton candy, salmon, or periwinkle will be stunning on your fingertips.

[2.] Brights.
Bright colors are popular right now, and they definitely make a statement.  But before you paint your nails neon orange, give them a trim and a file.  Bright polish looks best on short nails.  This keeps the look fresh and young looking instead of looking like a “beauty parlor incident.”  Nails that are neon and long just seem out of place.

[3.] Neutrals.
If you have trouble with dry, cracked nail beds or unhealthy nails themselves, a bright color can be one of the worst things you can paint on your nails.  Instead look for clear or barely-there shades that will help strengthen nails while minimizing attention to these problem areas.  Often a simple top coat on a nail with no polish will help smooth things out and make everything look more natural.

[4.] Red.
A category on its own, few things are more classic than the red manicure (except, maybe, some red lipstick!) Deep, true red is flattering on almost any skin tone. Though it can look fine with shorter nails, it is truly elegant when painted on well kept longer nails.  As long as all nails are trimmed to the same length and filed to the same shape, a longer overall length adds drama to this color.

Always remember before applying any polish color that care of nails and nail beds is of the utmost importance.  It doesn’t matter how pretty of a nail polish color you found, if your hands look dry and scraggly, it won’t look nice.  Use a cuticle cream to sooth nail beds and a moisturizing lotion for treatment of dry hands.  Try to paint your nails during a time when you will have an hour or so to simply sit and do nothing, to make absolutely sure all the coats have dried thoroughly.