How to Choose the right Hairbrush

Hair styling is an important part of daily grooming and fashion. Due to the varying lengths and textures of hair, proper hair maintenance requires a hairbrush that can effectively work with a particular style. Today’s modern hairbrushes have a variety of bristles and designs to work with multiple hairstyles and textures. Styling and grooming can help maintain healthy and designer friendly haircuts and hairstyles. The right brush makes all the difference when it comes to hairstyle maintenance and design.

For hair that tends to tangle easily or requires blow-drying, choose a vented hairbrush with epoxy ball tips. A vented hairbrush has small slats in the wood or plastic backing that supports the epoxy-tipped bristles. These little, round plastic tips serve the purpose of separating and detangling hair. Additionally, the epoxy balls help protect the scalp from unwanted scraping and scratching. A vented epoxy-tipped hairbrush is dipped in the epoxy mixture to provide a sliding motion and easier brushing techniques. Choose a brush that has epoxy ball tips to protect your hair and your scalp.

For a healthy and shiny hair appeal, choose a boar bristle brush. Boar bristle hairbrushes tend to feel a bit rough to the touch, but their penetrating bristle power encourages brilliant hair. Boar bristles are coarse bristles that help penetrate the hair for a shinier and less tangled look. These hairbrushes work by separating individual strands of hair and distributing natural oils. Choose boar bristle brushes if you are looking for a way to add shine to your hair.

If static electricity tends to affect your fine or thin hair, opt for an anti-static brush. Some hair textures have a tendency to go wild, especially during winter months. Anti-static brushes can help bring control and style to even the most unmanageable textures. In general, brushes that are made entirely from wood are the most static free. These brushes are mostly found with wider bristles that minimize the amount of static that results from continuous brushing.

Hair maintenance and daily styling provide a fashionable and healthy way to make a big impression with your hair. Your hair is the crown of your head and it allows the color, texture and style to represent your personal taste and fashion sense. Choosing the best hairbrush for your hair needs allows you to manage your hairstyle in the best way possible. Hair styling products are valuable tools for hairstyling, but hairbrushes also provide an avenue for healthy and beautiful hair.