How to Cleanse the Lungs


Your lungs are an important part of your respiratory system, and are responsible for breathing. They take in oxygen and distribute it through all the organs in your body. On a daily basis, your lungs also take in environmental pollutants, microorganisms, allergens and cigarette smoke. These toxins can weaken your breathing, scar your lungs and reduce the intake of oxygen in your body. Fortunately, there are methods you can apply to help naturally detoxify your lungs.

Step 1

Do yoga deep breathing for 15-30 minutes daily. Performing yoga deep breathing exercises every day can help your lungs eliminate toxins such as those from smoking cigarettes, according to naturopathic doctor Leia Melead. Dr. Melead also advises getting plenty of fresh air and outdoor exercises such as jogging or walking.

Step 2

Stop smoking and stay away from second hand cigarette smoke. Cigarettes and other tobacco products can cause numerous respiratory diseases such as emphysema and lung cancer. Keep a clean handkerchief or surgical mask with you, so you can wear it when you must enter areas where there is second-hand cigarette smoke. Talk to your doctor if you have a hard time quitting smoking; she may recommend therapy or products that can help you quit.

Step 3

Drink one to two cups of honeysuckle tea on a daily basis. According to University of Michigan herbal scientist Albert Leung, honeysuckle herb works on your lungs by helping them eliminate mucous and pollutants. Honeysuckle herb also helps promote healthy mucous membranes. You can purchase honeysuckle tea at your local health food store.

Step 4

Consume rosemary herb in tablet form to help detoxify your lungs. This herb contains potent antioxidants which can help stimulate the flow of blood in your lungs, according to botanist and author James A. Duke. This helps your lungs remove stagnant pollutants from your lungs into your general blood circulation where they can be filtered and removed. The recommended dosage for rosemary herb is one 500 mg tablet once daily.

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