How to Compare Diet Shakes


Diet shakes are meal replacement drinks that are recommended by different eating plans. The shakes typically have a low amount of calories but are packed with nutrients to keep you healthy while you diet. Before you purchase a diet shake, you should compare brands and types so you can make an informed decision.

Step 1

There are a few well known producers that you can start with in narrowing your buying decision. Some diet shake makers are Slim Fast, Atkins and Labrada Nutrition. You can browse the specifications of the diet shakes through retailers of the drinks. One web store example you can use is Diet Direct.

Step 2

Check diet shake flavors. Most companies will at least offer vanilla- and chocolate- flavored diet shakes. Slim Fast also has strawberry and cream, cappuccino and extra creamy milk chocolate. Additional flavors offered by Atkins include dark chocolate, mocha latte, strawberry and café caramel. Labrada Nutrition flavors include cinnamon oatmeal and Dutch chocolate ice cream.

Step 3

Review the nutritional content of the different diet shakes. Check out how many calories and net carbs the shakes include. On the product packaging, it should also include a breakdown of the daily percentage values for the nutritional components.

Step 4

Compare the preparation requirements of diet shakes. Many companies have both ready-to-drink shakes and powder concentrate. Although the ready-to-drink types are more convenient, the powder concentrate costs less.

Step 5

Read reviews of diet shakes. User feedback can help you compare meal replacement shakes. One example of a review site is Revolution Health.

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