How to Curl Hair

Gorgeous, luxurious curls are a wonderful asset. The saying is true: those with stick-straight hair want curls, and those with curls want stick-straight hair. However, not all of us are born with natural curls that bounce and shine. Achieving the look of beautiful, natural-looking curls, though, is easy with today’s tools and the following simple techniques.


Women who don’t curl their hair confess that they don’t do so because they don’t want to damage their hair with heat. However, this isn’t a very good reason why, since curling hair can be achieved with nothing more than self-snapping hair rollers and a bit of setting lotion.

You can purchase setting lotion in drugstores or beauty supply stores. It is usually described as “setting lotion.” If you can’t find this, however, you can make your own by diluting a bit of hair gel with water. It shouldn’t be too watery; it should be the consistency of watered-down Jell-O. If your hair is already curly or wavy, you might want to straighten it beforehand. Then, apply the setting lotion by pouring a teaspoon or so at a time into your palm. Run your fingers through your hair, being careful not to touch your roots. Do not use too much or else your hair will look oily. Take hair sections that are as thick as one of your fingers, such as your index finger, and roll them with the rollers. Setting lotion works its magic in only a few hours, and you don’t even have to use your blow dryer. Carefully remove the rollers starting with the rollers you put in first. Use hairspray lightly and run your fingers through the curls gently. Do not comb your hair.


Curling with heat has become more popular because it’s easy and saves time. It uses heat so it can damage hair, but the curls that result are very beautiful. You must be careful, however, because the curls can look unnatural.

To begin, you can use setting lotion coupled with heat-protecting gel. Again, don’t use too much of either one because your hair will look greasy. Allow the heat-protecting gel to sit in your hair for at least ten minutes. In the meanwhile, you can start heating up your straightening iron. Here, we’ll be using a straightening iron because the curls that are produced look glamorous and professional.

Once your iron is hot enough, begin by sectioning your hair. You can also do the “finger trick” by curling sections that are two fingers thick (such as your index and middle finger together). The thicker the sections, the less defined the curl will be. Begin by placing the iron in the middle of the section, and slowly turning it towards (or away) from you, slowly going downwards. If you keep the iron straight, its ends vertical, you’ll get curls that are very bouncy. Alternate between curling away and curling towards your face to get natural-looking curls. Hairspray lightly, and gently bounce and run your fingers through your hair. These curls will last for at least four or five hours in environments with high humidity. Those with low humidity will keep the curls lasting longer.