How to Curl your Hair without Curling Tools

Ever wanted to have the perfect curls without using curling tools, well there are quite a few ways to do this very easily with ordinary household items and just a bit of imagination. These methods will also stop your hair from getting dried up and damaged from the intense heat of curling tools.

Pipe cleaners are excellent to curl your hair with. They give very small, tighter and longer lasting curl to your hair and this method of curling your hair is really very easy to do. You will need at least twenty pipe cleaners for this method. Pipe cleaners can be purchased from tobacconist’s and craft stores.

First wash your hair and towel dry it. Next spilt your hair into four sections. Start with the first section and aim to get around five or six pipe cleaners into this area. Keeping the pipe cleaners at full length, start with a small piece of hair from this section and starting at the bottom of it roll the pipe cleaner around it right the way up to the top. When at the top twist the pipe cleaner over at both ends to meet in the middle and twist again until it is secure and tightly in place.

Try to get around five or six rolled up pipe cleaners into each section of your hair, until your entire head is covered. Leave the pipe cleaners in your hair until it is dry, but for best results leave them in your hair overnight.

The pipe cleaners are easy to remove when your hair is dry, just by untwisting them and taking them out from the top to the bottom. The curls will be tight so leave them for around fifteen minutes to allow them to loosen up.

When the curls are loose you can restyle your hair in anyway you choose or use a large comb and gently brush your hair into shape. You can fix the curls securely into place by using hairspray.

This really is a very good method of curling your hair without having to use curling tools. These type of curls will be longer lasting, leaving your hair undamaged unlike the intense heat causes with curling tools.

How to curl your hair without curling tools can also be done by plaiting your hair when it is wet either with one, two or many tiny plaits. The more plaits you make in your wet hair, the more curls you will achieve. The best results for these curls is to leave the plaits in your hair overnight to completely dry. This method leaves beautiful wavy curls that are very long lasting.

Another way to curl your hair without using culing tools is to use use pastic rollers that can be purchased in any hair care store. You will probably need to experiment at first with a few diffent sized ones to find the curl that suits you best. Small rollers with give you tighter curls. Larger rollers with give you a loser bouncier curl. You can also mix two different sized rollers in your hair by putting larger ones at the top and smaller ones at the bottom. Thie smaller curls at the bottom will loosen up first, so smaller rollers at the bottom will give you longer lasting curls.

It is very easy to put rollers into your hair. Spilt your hair into three sections. Start at the top where your forhead is and work your way to the bottom. Do the same for each of the sides. For best results leave the rollers in your hair overnight and take them out the next day.

Once the rollers are removed, run a hairbrush through your hair and brush into your own style. A great way to curl your hair without using curling tools.