How to do a Ballet Bun

The perfect ballerina bun should be neat as a pin, with not a hair out of place even after an intense workout. Achieving this requires the right tools and technique.

Ballerina style buns are an incredibly practical hairstyle for long hair. They keep hair off the neck and away from the face in a secure manner during active tasks. They are suitable for multiple sports not just ballet and are also a useful style to wear when completing physically tasks like painting.


-Hair net-choose a clear or color matching type

-Hair pins that match your hair color

-Hair elastic tie that matches your hair color

-Water spray bottle filled with water

-Hair spray

-Hair gel if your hair has layers

-Hair brush


Firstly it is a good idea to plan ahead if you intend on wearing your hair in a ballerina bun because unwashed hair holds the style far better then freshly washed hair which tends to be flyaway. Day old hair collects natural oils which makes it much more manageable when it comes to up dos.

The actual steps to achieve the perfect ballerina bun are as follows:

-Step one-

Brush the hair well to remove all tangles, ensuring it is nice and neat. It is a good idea to spray the hair with water to assist in slicking it back neatly. If your hair is layered or has straggly ends then it is advisable to apply some gel through the mid lengths to ends to help seal the hair down smoothly.

-Step two-

You now want to create a tight ponytail that is smooth and lump free. To achieve a really neat ponytail lean your head backwards and gather the hair together at the desired point, you don’t have to battle gravity this way. Secure the hair at the appropriate height. Jaw height for a low bun, eye height for a moderate bun and on top of your head for a high bun. Take care to use ties that do not snag and break the hair.

-Step three-

Twist the end of the ponytail until it beings to coil inwards in a circle around your hair tie. Try to get the bun lying flat against the head rather then letting it poke straight out. Pin all the way around to ensure a firm hold.

-Step four-

Apply a hair net over the bun and spray with hairspray.

You can create a plaited version which is even more secure and an attractive alternative. Simple create a plait after you have tied the hair in a ponytail and before you wrap it around to form the bun. This particularly suits very long, thick hair.

If you’ve followed these steps correctly you should have a neat bun that will withstand quite a bit of action. If not keep practicing because after a little practice you will easily be able to achieve this! Take care wearing the hair this way regularly over time because the tightness can cause hair damage at the roots.