How to do a French Twist

The French twist is a classic that never seems to go out of style. The twist can be plain and simple or very elegant, maybe even an option for a wedding. Here are the materials you will need for a French Twist:

Fine-toothed Comb

Bobby Pins

Hair Pins

Hair Spray

Hair Gel

Pipe cleaner (optional)

Step 1: The bangs

Regardless of how long your bangs are, brush them to the front. Using the fine-toothed comb, tease them lightly from the back. Once they have been teased, push them backward toward the twist that you are about to create.

Step 2: Preparing the twist

Using Gel or Hairspray, whichever works, slick the sides of your hair so that it meets at the back. If this does not feel secure enough to you, you can put your hair in a ponytail. If you choose to use a ponytail holder, try to find one that is not noticable. Tie your hair a little lower and use the ponytail as a base for your french twist, that way the hair won’t part in different directions.

Tease what is left (the pony tail)

If you have very thick hair you do not necessarily need to tease your hair. This is for people who find that they cannot get their hair to do that classic voluminous Audrey Hepburn twist.

Step 3: Adding the bangs

Lightly skim the top of the bangs to make them join the top of the twist at the back of the head. Spray with hairspray (Aerosol works best!) Put a bobby pin at the very end to hold the bangs down if you want.

Step 4: Making the twist

This is where a pipe cleaner comes in handy. Brush your hair out and start to twist from the ends in toward to root. I use the pipe cleaner at the ends so that I have something to wrap my hair around while I’m twisting. It also comes in handy when you get the twist in shape and want to arch it or change the shape because the pipe cleaner will hold the shape you give it.

Using hairpins, pin the twist into place. Try tucking the pins in as far as you can so that they cannot be seen.

Step 5: Personalizing it

Once your twist is in place you can make it your own. A suggestion would be to buy the little flowers that are sold at crafts stores and most dollar stores and put them along the twisted side. You can also leave a small strand of hair down one or both sides of the head and curl it to make it a fancier look. The best place for these is just behind the ear. Be as creative as you would like, use ribbon, or outrageous colours along the twist of it.Try different things and have fun with the classich French Twist!